• Crafted Cocktails


    • Mission


      our take on the world's most popular cocktail 

      blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, dry orange curacao, agave nectar, salt-rimmed pint

    • Maestro


      sometimes you want something 'top shelf'

      our unique blend of french oak aged maestro dobel reposado, anejo & extra anejo tequilas, shaken with pierre ferrand dy orange curacao, fresh squeezed lime juice and agave nectar

    • Mezcal


      our mission margarita with a smoky twist

      mezcal, fresh squeezed lime juice, dry orange curacao, agave nectar, served with a tajin salted rim

    • Frozen


      it may be frozen, but we still keep it fresh

      we use the same great ingredients as our mission margarita, but this one comes in a light and airy slushy form

    • Custom

      want your marg a little fruity, spicy or both?

      customize your margarita by adding one of our fresh squeezed aguas frescas or spicy jalape├▒os; ask your server for today's flavors


    • Paloma


      mexico's favorite cocktail, paloma means 'dove'

      reposado tequila, agave, grapefruit & lemon juice, stiegal radler, salt-rimmed pint

    • DTO


      let's take a Daiquiri Time Out!

      plantation 5 year barbados rum, lime juice, vanilla agave

    • Peru Libre


      the cuba libre's south american cousin

      pisco, lime, vanilla syrup and cherry bark bitters, served with a mexican coke

    • The Loop Rum Trolley


      this trolley will get you where you're trying to go

      plantation 3 star rum, ancho reyes, lime juice, vanilla agave, soda h2o

    • Oaxacan Firing Squad


      smoky, sweet and robust... a great intro to mezcal

      mezcal, pomegranate grenadine, lime, bitters

    • TIKI -

    • Mai Tai


      made the "old way" just as trader vic intended

      5 year barbados rum, dark rum, dry orange curacao, lime juice, almond orgeat

    • Hurricane


      feel the gusty winds this storm will conjure up

      house spiced rum and hurricane mix with lemon

    • Painkiller


      take two and call us in the morning

      pusser's rum, coconut, orange juice, pineapple juice, nutmeg

    • Zombie


      respect this brew, or fear being cast down with the poor souls for which it is named

      *limit 2 per person*

      white rum, dark rum, over proof rum, citrus juice, falernum, grenadine, cinnamon syrup, bitters

    • Jungle Bird


      this bird has a dry sense of humor

      dark rum, campari, pineapple & lime juice, turbinado syrup

    • Scorpion Bowl


      don't be fooled by its pleasant palate, this scorpion stings *limited availability*

      gin, rum, cognac, orange & lemon juice, almond orgeat, turbinado syrup

      (serves 4)


    • Michelada


      bloody mary meets mexican lager

      modelo especial and our house michelada mix made with tomato & lime juice, chipotle, celery salt and anchovies

    • Mexi-Cali Bulldog


      this dog's got some bite

      negra modelo, tequila, lime, agave

    • Pandora's Lunch Box


      what's in the box?!

      modelo especial, peach liqueur, lemon & pineapple juice

    • Beer's Knees


      a beer nerd's take on the classic bee's knees

      kona longboard, gin, lemon, agave